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Removable Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures

1. What are Removable Dentures?
Removable dentures are the best option for any patient who is missing all teeth and if the patient is missing on some of the teeth then a partial removable denture is most suitable. A denture is also called as the false teeth.

2. What to expect from your Removable Dentures?
Removal dentures takes some time to get used to as the tongue and the facial muscle adapts to the new prosthetic.Because they are removable, you will need some practice for insertion and removal.Dentist will give you all the instructions about insertion and take out. Be careful about it and do practice.

3. Caring for your Removable dentures
Handle your denture carefully, if it fall off and may cause damage, facture or become cracked. Cleaning of the denture is important, but it requires different type of cleaning solutions depending upon the kind of material used.Avoid the foods that are hard and sticky.Practice healthy oral hygiene practice as it is important for durability of denture.

4. Why us
Our team of highly qualified specialists has the expertise with both kinds of removable dentures.hey concentrate on the replacement of the missing teeth and restoration of the natural teeth.With us, you remain assured of the safest procedures conducted under the most hygienic conditions and by the best dental specialists in the city.