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Gum Treatment

Gum Treatment

1. What Is Periodontal Therapy / Scaling And Root Planing?
Simply put it is a deep oral cleaning procedure for people who are suffering from gum inflammation due to plaque buildup and gum disease. It involves a combination of an ultrasonic device that uses sonic vibrations to loosen plaque, bacteria and calculus, and a manual instrument to scrape bacterial buildup. This procedure cleans the root of the tooth underneath the gum line to reverse the damage caused by chronic tartar buildup.

2. What is Laser Gum Therapy:
This technique involves deep cleaning using a specialised soft tissue laser which gently removes diseased tissue and stimulates healing. Laser therapy has several benefits including reduced or no bleeding during the procedure, minimal swelling and no drill noise or vibration.

3. Is Gum Therapy Painful:
A deep cleaning is a more thorough version of routine dental cleaning. Everyones comfort level and sensitivity is different. Our gum specialist (periodontist) is highly trained in this procedure which is always performed with a numbing gel and local anesthesia.