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At GIS Classic, Best dental clinic in Coimbatore we focus on creating a welcoming environment and maintaining top-notch hygiene. With extended hours and skilled assistants, we provide expert care, ensuring every visit leaves our customers with bright, healthy smiles.

  • Friendly environment
  • Strict Sterilisation and hygiene
  • Skilled Assistants
  • Panel of Experts
  • More Satisfied Customers
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Our Mission & Vision

Best Dental Clinic
Better Information, Better Health

  • Professional Staff Trusted healthcare professionals providing personalized, top-notch care for your medical needs.
  • Dental Services Transform your smile with our skilled dental team offering comprehensive services.
  • Sufficient Lab Tests Access advanced lab tests for accurate diagnosis and monitoring of health conditions.
  • Tooth Extraction Professional and gentle tooth extraction services prioritizing your oral health.
Main Features

Our Main Dental Services

Dental implants in Coimbatore

Dental implants superbly enhance oral health, restoring confidence for radiant and confident smile.

Invisible Aligners

Invisible aligners transform orthodontics, discreetly enhancing dental alignment for a confident smile.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers redefine smiles, delivering a transformative solution for enhanced dental aesthetics.

Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns elevate dental restoration, providing a aesthetically pleasing solution for improved oral health.



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Dental Implants

Our Services

Our Dental Services

pediatric dentist in coimbatore

Specialized dental care for children, ensuring their oral health with gentle and expert services.

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Root Canal Treatment

Expert care for damaged teeth with precise and effective root canal treatments, restoring oral health.

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Digital X-ray

Advanced imaging with digital X-rays for precise diagnosis, minimizing radiation exposure and enhancing efficiency.

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Gum Treatment

Comprehensive care for healthy gums, addressing issues such as gingivitis and periodontitis with expert treatments.

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Removable Dentures

Custom-fit dental solutions for missing teeth, providing comfort and functionality with removable dentures.

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Complete Dentures

Full-mouth restoration with personalized complete dentures, offering comfort and natural-looking smiles.

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